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Springs in Everyday Household Items

The average person may not realize it – although if you’re on this page we’re sure you do – but springs can be found in almost every household electronic. Think about just how pervasive springs are in your electronic devices around the house. Spring clips are often necessary to hold a motherboard in an electronic device into place, and battery springs are crucial to make your remote or child’s toy work.

Not only do these custom springs need to be made to fit specific applications, they need to be manufactured from highly durable materials that can be trusted not to overheat. They must also be durable to stand up to the demands of day to day life, and cost conscious. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for their household appliances, or for them to need replacing constantly. Thankfully, our Bristol, CT manufacturing workshop can work with you to create the custom springs you need.

Custom extension springs for household appliances

One of the most common types of spring hidden in your household appliances is an extension spring. Extension springs stretch and then close things, and are key to keeping the food cool in your refrigerator and the water inside your dishwasher! Anytime you open or close a door on a household appliance, micro extension springs are hard at work to make sure doors close up again.

Extension springs are also especially common in children’s toys – just think of a slinky! It’s an old school example of a rather large extension spring. Today, extension springs are also common in many electronic children’s toys, and in electronics like computers and printers. 

Compression springs

Compression springs work by pressing against or connecting two items with stored force – think of a jack in the box. Any household device that uses a battery will require custom compression springs. These springs must be relatively small, resistant to heat and reliable, while also being affordable.

Fourslide stamping for appliance components

When producing complex components for appliances in our Connecticut workshop, we often put our four slide stamping machine to work. Our four slide machine is able to handle complicated designs and manipulate materials in multiple dimensions. This means components for household appliances can be produced in high volumes relatively quickly, and without producing much waste metal – both key considerations when you’re trying to stick to a strict budget!

One thing we often produce for our customers are additional custom clips manufactured using four slide that can transfer heat and protect the appliance from overheating.

Custom spring manufacturing

Not sure what you need yet or working on a new design? We offer a design service in our CT spring manufacturing workshop and can also do short runs of custom manufactured springs if you want to test out some prototypes. Our tool room offers 3D modeling software and we work with a range of materials and gauges, from .003 to .2”.

We understand the budget constraints when producing components for household appliances and can find innovative solutions to your specifications. Whether you need an especially strong spring for a lawn mower or a custom spring that’s been treated to be highly heat resistant, we can produce the custom spring for you. We always make sure we produce custom springs for electronics from the right materials, with no danger of overheating.

If you’re looking for quality and the ability to produce high-spec custom springs, we have ISO 9001:2015 certification and over three generations of experience. We’ve been producing custom springs for for electric appliances, as well as the aerospace, medical and automotive industries for decades from the heart of Connecticut. Get in touch today.