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Compression Springs

Uniform compression springs

Compression springs are springs which begin in an extended position, compact under force, and return to their normal length when released. You can find a compression spring definition here.

Compression springs are one of the most popular types of springs, and can be found in many common objects, including pens, mattresses, and cars.

Compression springs manufacturers

At Arrow Manufacturing, our state of the art machines feature automatic gauging, so you can be sure your custom made springs meet your required specification. Incorrect springs will be automatically rejected by our machines, so we can guarantee that we’ll only deliver the springs you need.

We make many different types of springs, from stock compression springs, to helical to constant force springs.

Heavy duty compression springs

Heavy duty compression springs are commonly found in car suspension systems, as well as other manufacturing uses. If you’re working on an older antique car, or perhaps looking to upgrade a vehicle fleet for a more comfortable ride, a custom compression spring may be just what you need, and we can design springs to your unique needs and specifications.

Heavy duty compression springs will help your vehicle to absorb bumps and potholes on the road, and can increase the capacity of your car to carry heavy loads or trailers. They’ll also help reduce wear and tear on your suspension.

Light duty compression spring

The opposite of heavy duty compression springs, light duty compression springs tend to have a lower wire diameter and a smaller coil to diameter ratio, and so the coils are under less stress, and exert less force. Because they aren’t as strong, they also move more easily. Light and more inexpensive than many other types of custom compression springs, they will require less wire to manufacture.

Helical compression spring

Helical springs are the springs you typically think of when you think of what a spring looks like, with a single diameter, usually create by winding wire around a tube. Helical compression springs are also sometimes called open-coil helical springs, which describes the way in which the coils resist touching when at rest. In contrast to a conical compression spring, helical compression springs resist forces linearly.

Conical compression spring

Conical compression springs aren’t wound at a consistent diameter, but instead form a cone, or pyramid shape. Conical compression springs are typically used in electronic connections, such as batteries and buttons, and are also an important component in automobile manufacturing.

Constant force spring

Unlike most kinds of custom compression springs made from wire, constant force springs are a special kind of extension spring made from flat strip steel. Although it isn’t possible to have a truly constant force, the tightly wound flat metal can come close. Constant force springs do not obey Hooke’s Law. Tape measures are an easy example of a constant force spring, and custom constant force springs are commonly used automotive, medical, and aerospace applications.

Custom compression springs

In order to prepare your order, we will need to know:

  • The type and diameter of material you wish to use
  • Spring travel
  • Free length and diameter
  • End type
  • Number of coils
  • Maximum compression
  • Maximum solid height
  • Load Left or right coil

We stock a wide selection of materials in our workshop, and can produce stainless steel compression springs, elements using music wire, and a wide range of other wire types. Please get in touch with our Connecticut spring and stamping workshop to talk to a member of our design team today.

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