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Fourslide Stamping

Versatile fourslide equipment

As well as more traditional custom compression springs, at Arrow Manufacturing we’re also proud to offer custom fourslide tooling to produce flat metal spring clips and other types of springs according to your specifications.

Our fourslide machine produces high quality components to customer specifications, offering customers the ability to procure a wide range of bespoke pieces. Produced, designed and manufactured in house, our fourslide machine can produce flat metal spring clips, as well as round wire and flat strip materials.

For local Connecticut custom spring stamping, Arrow Manufacturing’s fourslide machine is a great and economical option.

how fourslide spring stamping works

The advantage of fourslide technology is that the machine can complete the component from start to finish.

Like the name implies, a fourslide machine has four moving slides that allow the piece to be worked from all four sides. The fourslides, each with a different tool, will work in unison to achieve a complex design all in one go.

As the metal is fed in, the fourslides seamlessly bend and cut the material to the shape desired in one quick and efficient process. The combination of the four tools working together means it is possible to create multiple bends and custom coil springs in one step that eliminates the need for additional machining or processes.

The fourslide machine is aligned horizontally, instead of the typical vertical alignment of many presses, and offers the same intricate designs as a progressive die, but for a fraction of the price of the complex tooling required for a power press. Our fourslide technology allows us to produce large quantities of custom pieces economically without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Our tooling is set up in our central Connecticut workshop, and you can be assured that our years of experience mean you’ll get the perfect, high quality bespoke pieces you’re looking for.

Fourslide technology

Our fourslide stamping machine can use a range of materials and thicknesses.

We can produce parts from 2” wide by .062” thick, with a maximum length of 17”. Materials that we work with include round wire, stainless steel and carbon steel strip.

The available slide tools offer a variety of capabilities, including bending, cutting, forming, and piercing, and our fourslide machine can produce parts that feature twists, holes, threaded holes, and cylindrical parts.

Possible end pieces possible through fourslide technology include :

  • Flat metal spring clips
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Custom wire forms

The precision metal stamping possible through the fourslide process also has the added benefit of saving you money compared to a traditional multi-step transfer or custom tool-die process. Fourslide spring stamping is a great way to reduce your start up costs and produce the bespoke pieces you need in bulk.

Whatever specification you’re looking for, we can use our decades of experience with fourslide stamping to design you the custom compression springs or flat metal pieces you need.

Call today to see what our fourslide can create for you.