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Custom Springs for the Medical Industry

Here at Arrow Spring Manufacturing, we’ve been providing the medical industry with custom spring solutions for three generations from our Bristol, CT workshop.

The healthcare industry uses springs in a wide variety of applications, from micro springs in life saving devices like pacemakers, to more everyday items like syringes. Most medical devices that having moving mechanisms will require a spring of some type, and the FDA has stringent requirements for materials, durability and design. Whether your company is producing wheelchairs, bed lifts, shunt valves or anesthetic infusion devices, we can manufacture the custom micro, torsion, extension or compression springs you need. 

If you’re making something for the first time and searching for custom-made components, our Connecticut manufacturing workshop can work with you on the design and advise you on the appropriate materials, too. Stainless steel or titanium-aluminum alloys are a typical choice for custom springs for healthcare, since it’s essential the material is durable, hygienic, and non-magnetic. We can also help treat the finished spring to increase its resistance to heat and corrosion, through powder coatings or heat treatments to ensure it’s as tolerant and durable as possible. 

Here are just a few of the options that might be worth considering:

Micro-springs for medical devices

We have years of experience making micro springs to exact specifications – which, when you’re producing springs for devices that will be inserted inside someone’s body is crucial! Micro springs for medical devices like catheters or inhalers could range anywhere from .1 to .8mm in size and use wire as small as .03mm in diameter. 

Our workshop produces micro springs with the extremely thin gauges needed, and can work with platinum, tungsten and other specialized alloys for increased reliability. Micro-springs destined for devices implanted inside the body, like pacemakers, generally use specialized medical grade alloys like Elgiloy, which include rare earth metals like cobalt.

Custom Compression Springs

Custom compression springs are found in a wide range of more ‘everyday’ non-invasive healthcare devices, including syringes and surgical staplers.  The micro springs found in an inhaler are also an example of a compression spring! Depending on the application, compression springs can act as shock absorbers or as energy generators. Compression springs in healthcare devices use a wide variety of wire gauges depending on the application, but all are made with high quality alloys that can stand up to repeated use. 

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are springs that twist, and are often used inside of advanced medical machines like MRI machines and X-rays. These are applications where a 360˚ range of movement is not quite necessary, but a good amount of torque is needed. Dental X-rays which rotate and then return to their original position are another example of a medical device that requires custom torsion springs.

Custom design services with your workshop

If you aren’t sure what kind of spring you need for your device, it’s not a problem! Get in touch with our workshop and speak to one of our manufacturing team. With just some information – cost limits, weight bearing, material requirements, intended application – we can can work with you to design the perfect custom spring for you.

Our workshop always chooses materials carefully and manufactures custom springs to customer’s exact specifications, but when a spring is destined for a medical device that precision is even more crucial. We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified and would encourage any medical component suppliers or healthcare device companies to get in touch for quality and high standards you can trust. We promise our custom manufactured springs will not let you down!