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Extension Springs

State-of-the-art machines to create extension springs

Whether you’re looking for micro or heavy duty extension springs, our machines can build the custom springs you need from our central Connecticut workshop.

Custom Extension Spring Manufacturing

Extension springs are made by coiling a set gauge of wire around a certain diameter of cylinder to form a cylindrical coil. At Arrow Manufacturing, we’re proud to be able to produce heavy duty and micro extension springs, as well as metric extension springs and everything in between.

Extension springs work to create tension between two components. In contrast to a compression spring, extension springs’ loops touch when no force is being exerted, and are pulled apart under stress. When components are pulled apart by opposing objects, extension springs will exert force to pull them back together again. These work the opposite way of compression springs, where the coils begin stretched out, and resist being pressed together by external forces or objects.

The coil size and strength of an extension spring is determined by the coil diameter, the wire diameter and the type of material used. The number of coils or length of your custom extension spring, however, will not have an effect on the spring rate; the length is simply a function of your design specification and needs.

Custom Extension Spring

We manufacture all of our springs ourselves, and our state of the art machines can produce a wide variety of gauges. Our automatic looping equipment makes easy work of whatever specifications you need. We can deliver many different end types – including different loop sizes, hooks, spring anchors, or continuous length. We can manufacture extension springs from a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, music wire, aluminum, and brass. Truly, at Arrow Manufacturing – whatever your need, we can make it!

We’re able to accept specifications for metric extension springs, or for imperial measurements, and can produce springs using measurements in millimeters and Newtons for loads. In order to complete a prototype, we will need the outer diameter, end type and length, spring rate, load, initial tension, wire diameter and material type.

For heavy duty extension springs, we can produce extension springs with wire diameters of up to 1 inch to meet the safe maximum load and travel that you need. Heavy duty extension springs are generally used in heavy machinery, hydraulics, or vehicles, and are used in specifications requiring heavy loads.

Our team are also experienced in the design and manufacture of micro extension springs. Our micro springs are made using very fine diameter wire. We can produce springs to your specification, or examine the device you need one for and prepare the perfectly sized custom spring for your product. Micro extension springs are commonly found in medical devices, electronics, hardware, and consumer products. Our workshop has experience designing custom springs to serve many different industry needs.

Whatever your extension spring needs, Arrow Manufacturing will be pleased to draw on our years of experience to find the solution for you. Please get in touch for a quote and delivery and production timeframes for your custom extension springs today.

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