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Why You Should Choose Arrow Manufacturing for Your Custom Springs

Here at Arrow, we’ve been manufacturing all kinds of springs – extension, compression, torsion – since 1951. We work with a wide range of customers, offer stock compression springs, four-slide stamping, constant force springs and everything in between. We know it can be hard to choose from the many different coil and custom spring manufacturers, so we’ve pulled together just a few
of the reasons we think a visit to our Bristol, CT workshop is in order.

When you choose us to work on your custom spring order, you’ll have the advantage of:

  • ISO 9001:2015 registration
  • experienced design studio
  • four-slide technology
  • a range of tools and materials for compression springs

Meeting Custom Spring Manufacturing Requirements

Our Bristol, CT team of engineers and craftsmen are ISO 9001:2015 registered, an international standard recognizing a high level of quality management. This means we consistently produce parts that meet all of our customer and regulatory requirements. Our quality department has a range of machines to double, triple, and quadruple check your custom springs from every angle. We have optical comparators, measuring microscopes, and much more – nothing goes out that we are not confident of. We have three generations of experience manufacturing custom springs for aerospace, medical, and automotive customers, so you can be assured that whether you need micro extension springs or heavy duty compression springs we’ll be able to deliver custom springs to your specifications.

In-House Tool Room

Our experienced designers and tooling engineers design all of our manufacturing processes using a fully 3-D solid modeling software. We can read any file format if you already have a design (and you can upload your blueprints directly here)! If you still need help designing a customized spring to certain specifications, our team can also help you finalize your design and recommend the appropriate processes, materials, and tools to get the optimum outcome for your custom compression springs.

Custom Four-Slide Stamping

Some of our favorite tools in our 40,000 square foot facility include our range of four-slide spring stamping tools. More efficient than a traditional multi-step die process, our four-slide machines allow us to quickly build and shape your custom pieces with less wastage. Less time, less material and less steps all make the use of four-slide technology an economical choice, especially for small custom spring runs or when you want to test prototypes. We have a range of seven different Nilson and Torin models, able to handle wire from .031” to .208” in diameter, and metal strip from .25” to 2.” Our precision metal stamping is a great option, but we also have a range of traditional torsion and coiler machines that can tackle anything the four-slide cannot, like custom micro-extension springs.

Custom Spring Materials

Helical compression springs, flat metal spring clips, and double torsion springs are just a few of the types of custom coil springs we manufacture in our Connecticut facility. Our long list of equipment and multiple machines mean we can tool up to work with both wire and strip metals, depending on your needs. We can also handle everything from precious metals to heavy duty and high strength steel, so whether you need an automotive part, electronic spring, or custom compression springs for high-end use, we can work with the material you need.

Our experienced team is on hand to work with you to deliver custom springs to the specificity and quality you need.

Please get in touch today – call 1-888-33-ARROW.