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Torsion Springs

Single and double torsion springs

At Arrow Manufacturing, we’re proud to be a custom spring manufacturer that has produced countless torsion designs for our customers. We can design single or double torsion springs in our Connecticut workshop, and our machinery can handle a wide variety of wire diameter and materials. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, our experienced team is also on hand to help you through the design process.

How do torsion springs work?

A torsion spring resists or exerts a rotational force. Unlike compression springs, which work linearly, torsion springs work on an axis. As a force is applied, the spring will twist along its axis; its diameter will decrease, and its length will increase.

In many uses, torsion springs often ‘float’ around a cylindrical shaft. It’s important to take the diameter range under force of the spring into account when designing a shaft for your torsion springs.

The springs in mousetraps or clothespins are common examples of torsion springs. Old fashioned clocks and attic stairs also often use a special kind of torsion spring called a mainspring, which is somewhat similar to a constant force spring. In a mainspring, flat metal (typically steel ribbon) is wound around itself instead of coiled vertically.

Torsion Springs for sale

We can produce custom torsion springs from a range of .004″ to .090″ diameter wire. One of our many capabilities in the workshop also includes automatic winding of single and double torsion springs.

We often extend machinery manufacturers’ capabilities by designing and building slides, jigs, and fixtures for our torsion coilers which reduce production steps and costs, without sacrificing quality.

In order to mock up your custom torsion springs, we will need to know:

  • Body length
  • Inside diameter
  • Wire diameter
  • Leg length
  • Force exerted

Heavy duty torsion springs

Heavy duty torsion springs, also called large torsion springs, are often used in vehicles, for instance in the mechanism that opens a trunk of a car, or in the suspension system. Large torsion springs use a larger wire diameter, and have a larger inside diameter than other torsion springs, making them stronger and able to withstand greater force without becoming too stressed. Heavy duty torsion springs generally require at least three points of contact, and the position of these should be specified as part of the design process.

Small torsion springs

Small torsion springs can often be found in personal electronics, for example in the battery or memory card covers on a digital camera. These generally use smaller diameter stainless steel or music wire, and have a small inside diameter.

Micro torsion springs

Micro torsion springs are the smallest in the range of torsion springs, and are made from the very thinnest diameter wire. These delicate springs are often used for sensitive medical or electronic devices and can be especially hard to design and produce. You can rest assured that our team’s decades of experience can produce the high spec micro torsion springs you’re looking for, every time.

Whatever size and type of torsion spring you’re looking for, our experienced team and high spec machinery can deliver the custom torsion springs to fit your needs every time. Please email or give us a call today so we can talk about your specific project and product.

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