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Aerospace Spring Manufacturing

Arrow Manufacturing has been supplying partners in the Aerospace industry, both commercial and defense, for decades. We’re able to consistently deliver thanks to our highly skilled team and use of the latest tools and technologies for custom spring manufacturing.

Over the decades, we have developed a reputation as a trusted supplier of custom spring components to the Aerospace industry. We design, manufacture and inspect a range of custom springs, wire-forms, and stamped metal for customers across the country and internationally. 

Designs are available in both metric and imperial measurements. Our springs are manufactured to last and stand up to extreme conditions by using high quality materials and techniques such as heat treatments and aging. 

Small business subcontracting for Aerospace projects

If you’re looking for a small business subcontractor for a Department of Defence funded project, we are an experienced supplier and can meet your quality standards. As a small family owned business in Bristol, Connecticut, Arrow Manufacturing is an ideal small business partner for any aerospace project. 

Aerospace spring manufacturing requires a high level of precision as well as specialized materials, both of which our team can provide. We work with many materials to produce cobalt, carbon, titanium and elgiloy springs, from coil diameters as small as .003”. In addition to micro springs, we also design custom counterbalance solutions, large-gauge extension and compression springs, and everything in between. Whether you need constant force springs for a large door or stairs, or specific engine controls, Arrow Manufacturing would be proud to partner on your project.

Precision and Quality for Aerospace spring components

We always pride ourselves on our quality and precision, and nowhere is this more important than when providing custom springs for aerospace components. We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and have strict quality control processes in place to make sure we’re always delivering exactly what you asked for.

We can also work to a variety of volume requests and offer small prototype runs as well as larger production volumes. No matter your volumes, we will deliver consistent quality and precision for your aerospace application.

We offer advanced further quality control checks for our aerospace customers to ensure that every part meets the strictest precision requirements. Heat, strength and force tests are all available. Our workshop can also supply you with testing documentation and read-outs, so you can have absolute confidence in the quality of your custom springs.

Custom Spring Design Service for Aerospace Industry

We provide a custom spring design service in house in addition to production. Our design team uses full 3D modeling software and can work to your exact specifications of precision, hardness, high end reliable materials and budget needs. When working with the high end materials and semi-precious metals often required for aerospace applications, cost can often become an issue. However, our experienced staff and first rate equipment means our team can work on the design of your custom aerospace springs to eliminate as much waste as possible and reduce the costs.

Our team is experienced at addressing the unique challenges of aerospace applications, and ensuring that we can deliver parts that will work reliably and consistently under extreme pressure and temperatures, as well as highly corrosive environments. If you’re struggling to find a solution to your aerospace application, we can help with your calculations and configurations. Please get in touch today. You can upload your design requirements to our website here or call or email to arrange a secure meeting. We look forward to discussing your project in more detail and finding the perfect solutions for your needs.