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Automotive OEM Springs

Arrow manufacturing is a trusted supplier of automotive OEM springs to car manufacturers across the country. We produce everything from heavy duty compression springs for your car’s suspension, to micro springs and pressed metal pieces in brakes and engine components.

Just like our aerospace and medical spring solutions, our custom manufactured automotive springs undergo a range of secondary treatments, such as peening, heat and powder coating, to ensure they are safe and reliable for use in your vehicle.

What’s an OEM spring manufacturer?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. That means we manufacture original spring components for the automotive industry and are also able to supply OEM springs that are exactly the same to what was used when the car first rolled off the production line.

OEM Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are, in essence, heavy duty compression springs that distribute weight as your car rolls. Located between the car chassis and the axle, they work with your car’s shocks, struts, and bushings and play a large role in the overall ‘feel’ of the car. Suspension springs absorb the impacts of uneven pavement and potholes, keep your tires aligned, and help distribute the vehicle’s weight. 

Most importantly, the ‘give’ from the springs helps keep all four tires on the ground at all times! Think about it – without springs between the body of your car and the wheels, the system would be rigid and would constantly be tipping and tilting off the ground with each pothole or uneven section of pavement.

Stiffer, extra strong springs will prove more durable in a range of terrains, but be less comfortable, whereas typical suspension springs will provide a comfortable ride on pavement but might not be suitable for off-roading. In an off-road configuration, your car’s chassis will also normally include a sway bar, which also helps to stabilize the suspension system as your car tilts and drives over holes.

A typical suspension spring will last for many years, but after 100,000 miles, even the most high quality OEM suspension spring may need to be replaced. A ‘tired’ spring will stop providing as much shock absorption and may start to creak or tilt as you drive. Your tires may also wear unevenly. When this happens, it’s time to go to a mechanic and get a new set of OEM suspension springs installed. And though it may be tempting, it’s generally a good idea to replace all the coil springs in your car’s suspension system at once – a new spring will be much stronger than an old spring, and so leaving a mix on your vehicle may cause imbalances and make the old springs more likely to break.

OEM Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are another common component in car suspension systems. The leaf springs will help determine how high or low a vehicle will sit to the ground, and are especially important for larger, heavier vehicles like trucks and vans. Made of layered strips of wide, flat stainless steel alloys, leaf springs may not look like a typical spring to most people, but they still provide an essential role in providing a comfortable ride in your vehicle.

Other applications of custom manufactured springs in cars

Although your car’s suspension may be the most obvious use of springs in the vehicle, custom spring manufacturing is a key part in many of the other systems in your car, too. Springs are present in everything from seatbelts and airbags to door hinges, glove compartments, and electrical systems. Here at Arrow Manufacturing, we’re proud to make them all! So the next time you’re in your car, look around. You never know what automotive springs we may have supplied your manufacturer!