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Fourslide Stamping vs. Traditional Power Press Stamping

A variety of manufacturing processes use metal-stamped products, such as copper, brass, and slit coil steel. And in order to manufacture these products, power press stamping machines are used that are specifically designed to work with coiled metal or other similar materials. These stamping machines come in a variety of types. However, here we will talk about Traditional power press stamping and Fourslide stamping.

Power press stamping has a long history in manufacturing. While on the other hand ― Fourslide stampings are relatively new machines that have been around for almost 80 years. But they still are a great contender to power press stamping machines and can offer low costs and short lead times while producing high volumes of complex parts.

Traditional Power Press Stamping

The Traditional power press stamping machine comprises two dies, one lower and the other upper – pressed vertically to shear, punch, or form a piece of metal. While power presses can perform simple bending and pressing operations, they cannot form complex shapes and can only work in a single direction. Consequently, it is difficult to achieve intricate cuts or sharp bends with power presses without expensive, specialized tooling.

Fourslide Stamping

Alternatively, Fourslide machines, which manipulate a piece of material from four axes, can form intricate shapes quickly due to their unique design. It is possible to perform multiple operations simultaneously with the Fourslide stamping process, which does not restrict movement to one direction. Fourslide stamping is generally preferred for producing small, complex parts in high volume.

Fourslide Stamping advantages

In comparison to traditional stamping processes, four-slide stamping offers many advantages, including:

  1.  Creates complex parts: The four-slide stamping process can create complex or multi-part bends, including those greater than 90 degrees. In one step, it is possible to fold, bend, cut, or punch multiple items.
  2. Selection of Burr Side: Since the cutting burr can be placed anywhere along the strip, you can decide which side it will appear on.
  3.  Quick Adjustments: In four-slide stamping, all the forming operations are controlled by camshafts, so the tooling can be made complex and micro-adjusted without being removed from the machine. This way, there is less downtime and fewer trips to the tool room.
  4. Less wastage: A four-slide/multi-slide machine produces 31% less scrap, which saves money. Unlike traditional drilling, the process doesn’t require pilot holes. By using slotted-blank holders, parts can move between stages without pilot holes. Furthermore, raw materials are easily accessible in specific dimensions.
  5.  Flexibility: The same machine can produce different parts by switching out the dies, which makes it a flexible option.
  6. Cheaper and faster: Using one machine to complete the formation of complex parts is one of the most significant budgetary advantages of this method. Also, four-slide stamping is, in most cases, faster than progressive stamping, capable of producing 375 parts per minute. The high volume of production makes it an appealing option.

Fourslide Stamping applications

The four-slide stamping method is reliable for forming and bending complicated parts. Following are a few applications of four-slide stamping:

  • Windows and Doors
  • Appliances
  • Hydraulics
  • Springs
  • Clips
  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace components
  • Battery contacts
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Power tools

Fourslide Stamping Services from ARROW MANUFACTURING

Fourslide stamping services are gaining popularity in a variety of industries and applications. It offers significant advantages over traditional power presses for small and large production runs. The process generates less waste and reduces the need for secondary processing while allowing for a remarkable level of complexity.

For the best Fourslide stamping results, it is important to choose a Fourslide stamping provider with the capacity, experience, and quality management to meet your needs.

Since 1957, Arrow Manufacturing has developed into an industry leader when it comes to Fourslide components and springs, including compression, torsion, and extension springs. With our ISO certification, we guarantee unmatched quality and precision in all of our products.

Contact us today or request a quote to find out more about our services and see how Fourslide stamping can help your project!