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Custom Springs for Heavy Industry

Heavy industry includes heavy machinery and robust infrastructure for different tasks. These machines and structures require custom-made heavy-duty springs to support their function. That is where Arrow Manufacturing provides the best custom springs for heavy industry.

Heavy industry is prone to different malfunctioning and problems because these springs are being used under extreme circumstances. That is why making springs for the heaving industry is not easy. There are whole mechanisms that engineers need to apply in order to design and make the best springs for heavy industry.

Heat resistance compression springs

Machinery and people working in the heavy industry remain under great pressure. These engineers and technicians need something reliable to help them get their job done. Slight negligence can cost lives and millions of dollars. That is why we develop heat resistance compression springs for heavy industry.

These springs are used where there is immense heat along with great pressure. We know that heat can melt the metal and change its space and form. In heavy industries, such as steel manufacturing facilities, heat can go up to thousands of Celsius. The pressure is also huge because of the weight of the steel and heavy equipment to support the process. Under such circumstances, heat resistance compression springs are vital to ensure the smooth execution of industrial operations.

Constant force compression springs

Constant force compression springs are a rare type of springs we do not get to see in everyday life. However, these springs have a vital role in heavy industry due to their unique properties. These unique properties made them suitable mostly for heavy-moving parts.

For example, a door on a moving truck. These springs help to keep the doors of moving heavy vehicles in place. If you pull the door, it will first require greater force, but after an initial few inches, the door can be further pulled with neat constant force.

The other consumers of constant force springs include the medical industry. These springs are used in MRI and X-ray machines.

You can find these springs in plenty of places in real life. They have their role in producing a variety of products, from balance systems to moving heavy parts.

Customized Springs for heavy industry

Developing a customized spring for heavy industry is not easy. A small error can bring a major problem. When we get a custom spring manufacturing project, our team of experts develops different designs according to the information given by the buyer. Prototypes are created using these designs, and the durability and strength of these designs are measured using other methods.

Then choosing the right material for the spring manufacturing that will be used in the industry is the key. Our engineers develop effective and suitable materials for the springs, and then the actual manufacturing process starts.


We are experts in designing and developing custom springs for heavy industry. Our experts can help you choose the right spring for your project and bring you the best possible product in minimum time. Our spring will help you achieve your industrial goals in the best possible way.