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Custom Commercial Springs

Here at Arrow Manufacturing, we’re proud to have three generations of experience producing custom-made springs for a wide range of commercial applications. We’re especially proud of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, a sign of our quality and eye for detail.

Our clients range from the aerospace and automotive-OEM industries, to medical and commercial. We produce flat as well as coiled springs, in a range of rare and common alloys. Whatever your need, we can work with your company through every step of the design, prototyping, and production processes.

Custom Commercial Spring Design

When designing a new product, it’s essential to customise your spring to its commercial application and use. Even the best made spring will tire and fail over time, but if designed properly, it will outlast the expected use of your product. That’s why our design team is on hand to help you work out the load that your custom manufactured spring needs to be able to bare, and how many times it is expected to be used in the lifetime of the commercial product. 

We can work with you on your design to ensure your springs will meet tolerance, load rate and spring rate needs. A spring made with a wire diameter that is too thin, or wire made from a weaker metal, will fail too soon due to excess stress. In contrast, springs made with exotic alloys when not required will needlessly drive up the price of your product. A higher gauge wire doesn’t always mean better quality – it will change the dynamics of the spring, and in products like mattresses or automotive-OEM suspension systems, reduce comfort unnecessarily – adding price and weight but not function.

We offer a full design service, and have 3-D modelling software to read all software formats. Our design, manufacturing, and quality departments will work together to agree a quote and determine which of our wide range of coiling, torsion and four-slide machines will be needed to produce your custom spring design.

Prototyping Customised Springs for Commercial Clients

When you have a custom spring project, our Tool Room can work with you to perfect the design of your customised spring. We offer small runs to test and refine prototypes for whatever commercial application you may need. Our experienced technicians can also work with you to help reduce waste and find innovative ways to achieve the quality you need within a set budget.

If you’re bringing a new product to market, you may have a few different ideas you want to prototype and test out, or several spring options for a single product. Whatever it is you’re working on, we offer quick turnaround times and high levels of precision, even for small runs.

After testing the custom springs thoroughly, we work with our customers to perfect and refine the design. We’re able to draw on decades of experience, combined with state of the art equipment, to find the perfect solution for every product. We find that a thorough prototyping process means customers can proceed with mass production of their custom-manufactured springs in total confidence.

Production Process

Our production process includes quality control at every turn. Inside our 40,000 square foot facility, we house a range of microscopes, optical comparators and other quality control machines. Our focus is on delivering the quality you’d expect at every stage of the process, no matter how large or small the order. We provide detailed attention to accuracy, timeliness and even packaging and shipping for your custom commercial spring design – we don’t believe that quality or accuracy should ever be sacrificed to achieve high volumes.